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Railway System

The railway system in Ghana is a roughly 'A'-shaped network in the south of the country, between the coast and the city of Kumasi. For many years, this has been operated by Ghana Railways Corporation, but an apparently official website now uses the name Ghana Railways Company Limited (GRCL). Much of the railway is out of use, and the GHCL website shows passenger services on only two short sections: Accra - Tema, and Takoradi - Sekondi.

Wikipedia has information spread between several articles: Transport in Ghana, Rail transport in Ghana, Ghana Railway Corporation.


  • Gauge: 3'6" (1067mm)
  • Electrification: none
  • Rule of the road: not known


  • On the front page of the GRCL website.
  • Unofficial timetable and other information is available at Fahrplancenter. Note that this may be substantially out of date.

Note: as of early 2023, there may actually not be any passenger trains running in Ghana, possibly due to reconstruction of the railway. The compilers would be grateful for any information.

Other Railways

None known

Tourist Lines

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Metro and light rail systems


Obscure and Sparse Passenger Services

None known