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Country Details

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  • Online: unofficial timetable information is available at Fahrplancenter. Note that this may be out of date.
  • Printed: summary timetables are available in some editions of the European Rail Timetable.

Information is available at the Man in Seat 61.

Recent and Future Changes

Recent Changes


Future Changes

The Tren Maya (Tsiímin K'aák), serving the Yucatan peninsula, is due to open on 10 December 2023. Construction began in June 2020.
The railway will run from Palenque in Chiapas state northeast towards the major tourist destination of Cancún in Quintana Roo state. There are two routes, encircling the peninsula along its north and east coasts. It aims to connect tourist destinations in the Caribbean with lesser-known sites inland, including historic Mayan sites from which it derives its name.
Eventually comprising 1525 route km, it will serve 34 stations. It is not clear how much of the route will open on 10 December.

Obscure and Sparse Passenger Services

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