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Welcome to the Enthusiast's Guide to Travelling the Railways of the Rest of the World

This site is intended as a companion to the Enthusiast's Guide to Travelling the Railways of Europe, providing information in a similar format about passenger rail systems in countries beyond Europe. It is still very much a "work in progress", with many countries not yet covered.

Each country in the Guide has a general information page, providing an introduction to the country and its railway system(s). There may also be a page listing lines with Obscure or Sparse passenger services, where these are known and not listed elsewhere.

Feedback is welcome, via the e-mail address on the Contacts page. Help in extending and updating this Guide is also very welcome!

Special Note: this Guide uses the word "country" to refer to identifiable geopolitical areas for the convenience of readers, but should not be taken to imply any opinion as to the sovereignty of any such area. The name used for each country is that which the compilers believe will enable readers to find that country's information most easily.

You must read this Copyright and Disclaimer Notice:

Each of the documents on this website forms part of the Guide, the copyright of which, both individually and collectively, is reserved by the compilers. Copies of the documents must be for personal use only and shall not be used for commercial purposes. The information supplied in the documents is for general reference only and should not be relied upon without further specific enquiry. You may alter the formatting and content of the documents only to suit your own computer or printer.

For rail services within Europe, please visit the Enthusiast's Guide to Travelling the Railways of Europe website.