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This page provides some links found useful by the compilers of the Guide. No responsibility is accepted for information provided on these web sites. There are many sites specialising in railway-related links; some of these are included. Some of the items duplicate links in the main body of the Guide.

General information

  • The Man in Seat 61 - a guide to rail travel in many countries world-wide
  • World Rail Gen - a rail enthusiasts' e-mail group hosted by; material posted includes maps, timetables and service information. Requires log-in.
  • The site has general information on many Railways of the World.


  • Railways Through Europe contains a collection of maps, including various countries beyond Europe. These have not been updated since 2009, but are still of interest.
  • Printed Maps includes links to publishers' websites.


Jim Fergusson has compiled lists of stations on many railways around the world, most of them including distances. These are now available online at the UK's Branch Line Society.


  • Fahrplancenter - includes timetables in HTML format for countries in Africa and Latin America.
  • European Rail Timetable includes summary timetables for many countries beyond Europe in some editions. Available in printed and digital versions.

Metros and light rail systems

  • UrbanRail - a comprehensive list of systems world-wide, with maps and other information
  • Robert Schwandl Verlag - books from the author of the UrbanRail site, with more detailed content, including the USA, Australia, and Japan.

Obscure services

PSUL: World Beyond Europe