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This page lists the printed maps that are referenced in EGTROW.

Publication dates and ISBN details are provided where known.

Note that in some countries, particularly those using the Cyrillic or Greek alphabets, transliterations of station names to Latin characters do not always correspond with those in official publications.

World Rail Atlas series

by Neil Robinson.

  • World Rail Atlas Vol. 7 North, East and Central Africa - ISBN 978-954-92184-3-5, First Edition, published December 2009.
  • World Rail Atlas Vol. 8 The Middle East and Caucasus - ISBN: 978-954-12-0128-2, First Edition, published August 2006.

As far as the compilers know, only these volumes and editions were ever published. It is very likely that they are now out of print, but copies may be available second-hand.

Other intended volumes in the series include:

  • Vol. 6 South and West Africa (the index map in Vol. 7 includes this area, with countries and railways shown appropriately)

North American Railroad Atlas series

Steam Powered Video / Specialist Publications and Videos (SPV) publish a "Comprehensive Railroad Atlas" series, by Mike Walker, covering current and former railroads of the United States and Canada. They have not been updated since at least 2011, but are (apparently) still available from SPV - see the SPV website. The most recent editions are thought to be:


  • Quebec & Labrador + Newfoundland: ISBN 1-874745-22-8, published August 2010
  • Ontario: ISBN 1-874745-21-8, published June 2008
  • Manitoba & Saskatchewan: ISBN 1-874745-20-X, published April 2011
  • Western Canada: ISBN 1-874745-19-6, published July 2006 (Alberta, British Columbia, Northwest Territory, Yukon Territory)

Note: the Maritime Provinces (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island) are covered by "New England & Maritime Canada" - see below.

United States

  • New England & Maritime Canada: ISBN 1-874745-12-9, published March 2010 (Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont; New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island)
  • Northeast: ISBN 1-874745-20-X, published August 2007 (D.C., Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York state, Pennsylvania)
  • Great Lakes East: ISBN 1-874745-06-X, published December 2004 (Indiana, Michigan, Ohio)
  • Great Lakes West: ISBN 1-874745-05-6, published September 2005 (Illinois, Michigan Upper Peninsula, Wisconsin)
  • Appalachia and Piedmont: ISBN 1-874745-07-2, published May 2004 (Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia)
  • Southeast: ISBN 1-874745-11-0, published March 2006 (Florida, Georgia, South Carolina)
  • Southern States: ISBN 1-874745-14-5, published December 2000 (Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi)
  • Dakotas & Minnesota: ISBN 1-874745-18-8, published July 2005
  • Prairies East and Ozarks: ISBN 1-874745-17-X, published May 2004 (Arkansas, Iowa, Missouri)
  • Prairies West: ISBN 1-874745-16-1, published May 2002 (Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma)
  • Texas: ISBN 1-874745-15-3, published September 2001
  • Mountain Plains: ISBN 1-874745-13-7, published May 2000 (Idaho, Montana, Wyoming)
  • Colorado & Utah: ISBN 1-874745-03-X, published September 2008
  • Arizona & New Mexico: ISBN 1-874745-04-8, published January 2006
  • Pacific Northwest: ISBN 1-874745-09-9, published May 1998 (Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington state)
  • California & Nevada: ISBN 1-874745-08-0, published May 2009

Note: the "Northeast" and "Manitoba & Saskatchewan" volumes carry the same ISBN - be careful when ordering them.

Quail Map Company

The Quail Map Company was a British publisher specialising in railway maps. It ceased trading in 2020, and all its products are out of print, but they might still be available second-hand. The list shows the latest known editions of maps for countries outside Europe.


  • China and Mongolia Railway Atlas: ISBN 978 1 898319 82 5, published 2008 (third edition; includes Hong Kong and Taiwan). Copies are still available via the Chinese Railway Timetable website.
  • Korea, North and South, Railway Map: ISBN 978 1 898319 21 9, published 1996

North America

  • New York Railway Map: ISBN 0 900609 96 6, published 1993 (railway map of NYC area; track plan of NYC Subway and PATH)
  • New York Subways Historical Map, by R Mitchell: ISBN 978 0 900609 98 2, published 1993
  • San Francisco Transport Maps: published 1982


  • Adelaide Track Map: ISBN 978 1 898319 27 8, published 1997
  • Railway Track Diagrams - New South Wales: Metropolitan Areas: ISBN 978 1 898319 34 0, published 1998
  • Australian Railway Atlas 1 - Tasmania: ISBN 978 1 898319 69 3, published 2004
  • New Zealand Railway and Tramway Atlas: ISBN 0 900609 92 5, published 1993

Great Indian Rail Atlas

This is now in its fourth edition, published in 2022, and covers both India and Bangladesh. It is available from the author/publisher at IndianRailStuff.