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Country Details

Argentine Republic: Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic, República Argentina [Spanish].

Language: Spanish (Official) plus 7 Co-official languages including Welsh.

Currency: Argentine Peso (ARS); $.

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National Railway System

UIC code

alpha AR

National Railway Operator

Ferrocarriles Argentinos Sociedad del Estado (FASE), which has superseded the now dissolved Trenes Argentinos (Sites in Spanish).

FASE has four Divisions;

  • Trenes Argentinos Operaciones (Site in Spanish) for passenger services covering local, long distance and international operations .
  • Trenes Argentinos Infraestructura - ADIFSE - see below
  • Trenes Argentinos Cargas (site in Spanish) for freight traffic.
  • Capital Humano - Hunan Resources.


  • Online: unofficial timetable information is available at Fahrplancenter. Note that this may be out of date.
  • Printed: summary timetables are available in some editions of the European Rail Timetable.

Summary information is also available at the Man in Seat 61.


Web-based Maps

A downloadable PDF map of rail lines is at Argentina train map dated April 2021.

Some basic diagrammatic route maps for regional and international services are at Mapa de servicos regionales e internacional.

Some basic diagrammatic route maps for long distance services are at Mapa de servicosde de larga distancia.

Some web based maps for freight and logistic operations are located at Trenes Argentinos Cargas Mapas.


Some ticketing information for regional and long distance services is at Venta de pasajes (in Spanish).


Infrastructure Authority

Administración de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias Sociedad del Estado (ADIFSE) (site in Spanish) trading as Trenes Argentinos Infraestructura.


  • 1,676 mm (5 foot 6 in).
  • 1,435 mm (4 foot 8 1⁄2 inches) Standard.
  • 1,000 mm (3 foot 3 3⁄8 inches) Metre.


  • 550 and 600 V DC Third Rail
  • 600, 750 and 1500 V DC Overhead

Rule of the road

Right as a result of the configuration of the rolling stock second hand from the US.


Subterráneos de Buenos Aires S. E. (SBASE) trading as Subte de Buenos Aires (SUBTE) (site in Spanish) with six lines along with premetro line [P] and the Urquiza suburban line.


The 17 km Metrotranvía Mendoza (STM) light rail line is built along the former railway corridor of the Ferrocarril General San Martín (FCGSM) and opened in 2012.

See official Sociedad de Transporte de Mendoza (STM) site (in Spanish) for timetables and more information.

Recent and Future Changes

Recent Changes

From 16 November 2023, Tren de las Sierras regional services, in the northern city of Córdoba, have been extended 34 km to serve Capilla del Monte, following the completion of renovation work on the metre-gauge line from Valle Hermoso.

Obscure and Sparse Passenger Services

None known