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Country Details

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National Railway System


The rail network in Jamaica is owned and operated by Jamaica Railway Corporation, an agency of the Ministry of Transport and Mining. The only known passenger services are operated for local schoolchildren only - for details, see PSUL World Beyond Europe.


  • gauge: standard
  • electrification: none
  • rule of the road: not known

Tourist Lines

none known

Metro and tram systems


Recent and Future Changes

Recent Changes


Future Changes

In October 2023, a volunteer task force of railway engineers from the UK, USA, and Canada will visit Jamaica for a 'Rail Boot Camp', supporting the 'un-mothballing' of the moribund railway by its new management team. The initial focus will be on: (i) making locos and coaches fit to run, (ii) identifying the issues and costs of restoring the 1845 Kingston Terminus and (iii) preparing a three -year funding and restoration plan.