Sri Lanka

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Country details

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National railway system

The national railway operator is Sri Lanka Railways (SLR).


  • Gauge: 1676mm (5'6")
  • Electrification: none
  • Rule of the road: left


There are no known printed maps.

Online maps are available at:


Extensive information is available at the Man in Seat 61.

  • Journey planner: SLR website (English language)
  • Downloadable timetable: none known
  • Printed timetable: a printed timetable was available at ticket offices in 2017/18 costing Rs 150/-. It is not known whether this is still published as of 2023.
  • Engineering information: long-term engineering works may be reported as news on the front page of the SLR website.

Other railways

The line north from Noor Nagar (terminus of passenger services from Colombo via Puttalam) is privately owned and freight only.

Tourist railways

None known.

Metro and light rail systems

None. A light rail system may be constructed in Colombo.

Obscure and sparse passenger services

See PSUL: World Beyond Europe for Obscure services

The following lines have few trains (although others may not be much more frequent) - fewer than three trains each way on at least three days a week - or do not run each weekday. The printed timetable does not display table numbers.

Table Route Notes
Medawachchiya - Talaimannar Pier One pair daily worked from Talaimannar Pier end
Galoya Junction - Trincomalee
Kosgama - Avissawella Note this is a "with the flow" commuter service to/from Colombo so it is impossible to complete a day return over the full line from Colombo
Puttalam - Noor Nagar