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Country Details

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National Railway System

National Railway Operator

State Railway of Thailand (SRT).

UIC code

None known


Information but not for all branches is available at the Man in Seat 61.

Journey Planner

The SRT journey planner is here Check Train Schedule. Click on the Union flag. This does not seem to find all services, for example if requesting Bangkok - Chiang Mai it will only provide details of the faster Express services, not the slow trains. A different "Train Tracking" website finds details by train number, station name or route here. Click in the search box for these options to appear.

Downloadable Timetable

SRT timetables at the Download page.

Printed Timetable

None. Leaflets by line were previously available at Hua Lamphong station but on a 2023 visit the Enquiry office had none but turned their computer screen so you could take a photograph of what you wanted...

Summary timetables are available in some editions of the European Rail Timetable.

Engineering Information

None known


Printed Maps

None known

Web-based Maps


The Man at Seat61 website gives a summary of how to purchase via the SRT website or various Agents, but to note that SRT appear inconsistent in booking periods as an EGTROW Compiler advises in March 2024 that tickets for a long distance service [not an overnight] had sold out before the alleged 30 day ahead booking period opening. A UK Credit Card ticket purchase via the SRT website went through with no difficulty.


Infrastructure Authority

None known

Network Statement

None known


Metre gauge; the rapid transit lines are standard gauge


Only the Bangkok rapid transit lines are electrified.
The Airport Rail Link to from Suvarnabhumi Airport is 25 kV 50 Hz AC overhead
The BTS Skytrain and Metropolitan Rapid Transit (Bangkok) are 750 V DC third rail

Rule of the road

Almost the entire network is single track.


No source known

Other Railways


Tourist Lines


Metro and light rail systems


BTS Skytrain operates the elevated Green Lines
Bangkok Expressway and Metro Public Company (BEM) operates the underground Blue and Purple Lines under a concession from the Metropolitan Rapid Transit Authority (MRTA).
There does not appear to be an official webpage for the Suvarnabhumi Airport Rail Link but has some information.
Similarly there is some timetable information for the Don Meaung Airport Train

Recent and Future Changes

Recent Changes

Approximately 4.7km of the old main line through Hua Hin was elevated from street level including a new high level station for services after noon on 11 December 2023.

The Bangkok Hua Lamphong - Ban Plu Ta Luang service was extended 11.5 km to Chuk Samet on 10 November 2023.

The Sawankhalok Branch Line was due to reopen on 15 July 2023 after temporary closure in April 2020.

On 19 January 2023 the new Bangkok Krung Thep Aphiwat Central Terminal station (Bangkok Revolution Central Station, formerly known as Bang Sue Grand) opened to long-distance passenger trains, transferred from the existing Hua Lamphong terminus. (It is already served by the SRT Dark Red, Light Red and Airport Link commuter rail routes.) All long-distance trains except those on the Eastern line and with numbers in the 200 and 300 series now use the new station. With 26 platforms, [including many used only by electric Metro services] it is the largest station in Southeast Asia.

At some point after the opening of the elevated MRT Dark Red Line from Bang Sue Grand to Rangsit on 2 August 2021 all SRT passenger services through Rangsit were diverted onto tracks parallel to the raised MRT and ceased using the ground level route north from Bang Sue. The ground level route remains available for freight services.

The Bangkok - Aranyaprathet trains were extended 5 km to Ban Klong Luk Border in July 2019 and the station is right at the Thai/Cambodia checkpoint. Limited freight services across the border commenced in 2023.

Future Changes

A 29 km long by-pass on the Northern Line to the west of Lopburi from Ban Klap to south of Khok Katiam is under construction with completion planned during 2024. 19 km of this will be elevated. A Press Article here claims the old line via Lopburi will be retained.

Bangkok Central Terminal Station will be served by the Don Mueang–Suvarnabhumi–U-Tapao high-speed railway and planned high-speed routes to Nong Khai, Padang Besar and Chiang Mai when they open.

Obscure and Sparse Passenger Services

See PSUL: World Beyond Europe

Special Notes

Travel to the southernmost provinces of Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat, and southern Songkhla province, is not advised owing to the risk of terrorist attacks.